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TL;DR, working together for a more affordable, convenient, and fun student experience at UBC. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

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To the UBC student community,


The international student is forced to search in Vancouver’s unforgiving housing market, because the University doesn’t have enough beds and a waitlist into the thousands. The disappointed fourth year is rushing to finish their degree, because the pandemic has decimated any campus spirit this campus once had. The commuter working two jobs has to get on a bus at 7 AM to get in line at the Food Bank, because the alternative is going to class hungry. 


Over the past 12 months, we’ve built a concrete foundation to tackle these issues, and so much more. Over the next 12 months, it’s imperative we vote for accelerating this work with feasible, ambitious action items.

I’m running for President, because I love talking to people, and for a student union of a top 40 public institution in the world, there’s a hell of a lot more hard work to do - I’m ready to get sh*t done!

Let's get started,

Ben Du

Presidential Candidate

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Current Issues

Current Issues

Some shocking statistics taken directly from the AMS Academic Experience Survey Report 2022.

Only 14%

of undergraduate students agree UBC cares what students think about the cost of education

Roughly half

of undergraduate students still don't feel a sense of belonging on campus

3 out of 5

undergraduate students cite high housing costs as a main reason for facing food insecurity


of undergraduate students don't believe UBC has been transparent about where tuition is going

12-Month Vision

12-Month Vision

Bold steps forward, working together for a more affordable, convenient, and fun student experience at UBC.

Summer 2023

Free Portable Laptop and Phone Charger Borrowing

You get to your study space in the Nest and realize you forgot your charger—it happens. This service will allow students to borrow a portable charger to their study space, so you can have peace of mind studying in the Nest.


Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Training for All Employees

Incorporate anti-racism training, unconscious bias training, and bystander training about race as a part of the AMS employee onboarding process. This will be delivered in workshop format and will be meaningful to employees with specific knowledge appropriate to the context of the AMS and what to do if discrimination is recognized in the workplace.


Advocacy on High Density, Low Cost Student Housing

Advocate on the importance of increasing ‘Nano units’ in future student housing developments to ensure the number of beds available to students is maximized, while keeping rental rates lower than traditional studio or shared units.

Fall 2023

An Even Bigger and Better Clubs Fair

Events like Clubs Fair bring the community together and reinforce campus energy. We will bring back the SuperDogs Show, food trucks, live music, and a never-before-done Ferris wheel with our student clubs at the spotlight of the event.


Lower Food Prices in Nest with a Full Scale Procurement Audit

Access to affordable, nutritious food should be a basic human right. A full scale review of our ingredients and procurement relationships will reveal where we can change our supply chain, to find opportunities for lowering food prices, without compromising on quality. Adjustments to food prices could take effect as early as Fall 2023.


Launch an Online Help Centre for the New Financial System

The launch of the AMS’ new financial system arrived with hiccups. As the AMS approaches stabilization, focus will be shifted towards developing a continuously-updated help center featuring step-by-step guidance and troubleshooting. This help center will be designed with a better site-wide search functionality, short tutorial videos, step-by-step processes, and FAQ.

Winter 2023

Health and Dental Plan Coverage Adjustment Consultation Process

This coverage adjustment consultation process will seek to accomplish two goals for the AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan: (1) to ensure the coverage for the next Policy Year is accurate to student priorities, and (2) to ensure students understand the financial realities, pressures, and implications of administering the plan.


Supplier Diversity and Inclusive Procurement

Engage with industry and under-represented groups to re-evaluate the existing procurement relationships and networks for AMS-operated food outlets and Nest Catering to support climate-friendly vendors and businesses led by under-represented groups. This effort is supported by the responsible purchasing section in the AMS Sustainable Action Plan.


Curating Diverse Spaces for IBPOC Communities

Embark on creating a space in the Nest run by professionals with employment opportunities for students, ultimately ensuring that these spaces are student-centered and student led. We will take a community approach encompassing internal and external stakeholders through consultation, ensuring information is gathered ethically with appropriate compensation. This is in support of Recommendation 41 of the UBC Task Force on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence.

Spring 2024

Nest Audio and Visual Systems Renewal Plan

When it comes to technology, waiting until things don’t work is too late. Many current systems are aging and approaching the end of their lifetime. This project centers proactiveness and risk mitigation to ensure our AV systems remain functional, so students and clubs can book Nest spaces with a peace of mind that technology will continue to work.


Active Role in UBC’s Replacement of the Student Service Centre (SSC)

The IRP (Workday Student) system will be replacing the existing Student Service Centre (SSC) in Spring 2024. The AMS will ensure UBC’s design and integration teams are aware of student concerns and priorities for continuous improvement, and will share strategies for effective communication and engagement via the Student Engagement Advisory Group.


Reusable Container Sharing Program

Reusable food service container programs compatible for multiple food outlets have launched at UBC Okanagan. In alignment with the UBC Zero Waste Food Ware Strategy, we’ll work towards a similar program in the Nest, and save students money in the process.

About Me

About Me

I'm a fourth-year student, studying Human Geography and Urban Studies and the current AMS Vice-President, Administration.

I still remember three years ago, attending my first AMS Council online on a whim, not being a part of anything, genuinely lost and nervous out of my mind. With my half-working webcam, fingers shaking out of frame, and a 2-minute speech talking to a bunch of strangers trying to convince them to appoint me onto an AMS committee, I actually got it, and finally had something to latch onto for my time at UBC.


Three years later, the people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, the projects we’ve been able to accomplish, and the day-to-day chipping away at creating a better student experience for us all — it is so much more than just something to latch onto. Whether it's early mornings, late nights, weekends, dare I say even holidays, if there’s something we’re working on at the AMS, I’m thinking about it, and I’m not ready to wrap it all up just yet.


I’m running for AMS President, so we can work together for a more affordable, convenient, and fun student experience at UBC. Because for a top 40 public institution in the world, we should be doing a whole lot better and with your vote, we can get to work! Take a look through some of the key goals and commitments I’m ready to tackle in the year ahead, and email me to chat!

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